Bird TavernBird Tavern, more recently known as the Woodward House at the northwest corner of the green, it was built by Samuel Church in 1740.

The GreenThe Green. Three of Bethlehem's oldest houses, the Backus House on the left was moved from the Bellamy property. On the right is the Old Post Tavern for years known as the Risley House built about 1738.

Bellamy-Ferriday HouseBellamy-Ferriday House built in 1754 for the Reverend Joseph Bellamy, it is the site of the first theological seminary in the United States. Aaron Burr was one of the Reverend Bellamy's pupils. Philanthropist Caroline Bellamy was the last owner of the house which is now a property of the Antiquarian and Landmarks Society and open to the public.

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